May 31, 2010


Our friend Masa came thru yesterday. Masa is a japanese, located in Perth and now based himself in Hong Kong to take care of his business. He runs a production management company. His company handles all types of production. Anyway, we will get down on his business another time. Masa was on a day transit visit here in Singapore. We managed to catch up with him over lunch. He was here on a mission to drop off Geseho's next collaboration project as well.

Masa loves stickers. He has been collecting, printing and dropping off stickers everywhere. If you got stickers, send him some. If you don't, hit him up and get some printed. (Will post up Masa's contact later on) With that said, Geseho needs to churn out some stickers too.

We like to shout out to Stan from Invasian magazine HK as well. Thanks for the hook ups. Invasian magazine is a true collective of asia graffiti and culture. Aren't we glad to have a publication like Invasian magazine to hold it down for asia and get us heard around the world? We certainly do. So go pick up a copy at your nearest retailers and do your part for asia.

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