Jun 29, 2009

Geseho x Darbotz Collab

Darbotz is a graphic artist from Jakarta. He is one of the founders of tembokbomber.com and known for his character named “Cumi”, the black and white squid with detailed pattern. Cumi is his exploration of illustration, graffiti, street art and design. He tries to apply semiotic and iconic images to raw, detailed and scary characters.

Cumi is a squid, a monster squid. Born in the year of 2004. He is a monster in disguise. He is actually a man who turned into a monster, he covers himself with a hood from other people who wants to disturb him. He has many hands and tentacles because he has had enough with the pollution and traffic in the street of Jakarta, so he needs more hands to do his thing. He only has black and white or grayscale color because he’s sick of the complexity, the mess that he sees on the streets of Jakarta, he wants to neutralize it. But in the old days he liked shocking pink color to catch more attention, but decided not to use it anymore. He has the skin of patterns, he likes to catch other people’s attention without showing his real identity.

Sometimes he can be a kingkong. After a fierce battle with kingkong, they decided to be friends and merge into one giant monster, Cumikong. He can be transformed into anything. Sometimes he gets bored and turns into a big giant cumikong snake with claws, but he always has his identity, he will always be himself.

Geseho will be releasing the Darbotz collab at the "Monster In Disguise" exhibition on Saturday, July 4th, 6.30pm SGT at Geseho Motor Works Garage.

Only limited pieces available for grab.

$$$ CASH ONLY $$$


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