Jul 2, 2008

Geseho x Killer Gerbil Collab

Visual artist Luthfi Mustafah has been creating the character The Killer Gerbil since 2003 as an alter ego. A street rat that kill empty spaces with colors and forms with means of beautifying. Inspired by his pet gerbils, street culture and urban art, The Killer Gerbil can be found on different surfaces using all sorts of mediums. Without any hidden or serious agenda behind his art, The Killer Gerbil's world is nothing but fun and for the masses to easily identify and embrace the character.

Geseho will be releasing the Killer Gerbil collab on Sunday, July 6th, 1-5pm SGT at Geseho Guerilla Store.
And Tuesday, July 8th, 10am SGT on Geseho online shop.


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